Heroes of Jr Qualifiers- Pros /Volunteers/Clubs

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to assist in pulling off the biggest junior event ever and to the clubs who gave up their courts so the kids could compete!  

We had 4 states holding Nationals Qualifiers on March 6th  with over 325 kids playing!!!!  

On April 17th, all teams who qualify will battle it out for the National Title.  

Our heroes for the kids were: 

Karl Levanat ( Country Club of Darien)  and Macie Elliot ( Country Club of Darien)

 Laurie Hissey (Radley Run Country Club) Charlotte Sikora (Radley Run) 

Daniil Tarantinov and Vasill   (Canoe Brook Country Club)

Dave Phimsipasom  (Beacon Hill) and Lauren Mallon (Beacon Hill)

Marco Grangeiro (Knickerbocker Golf Club) and MC Visser ( Hackensack Golf Club)

Scott "Spider" Rosenbaum ( Fiddlers Elbow) and Matt Deitch (Racquets Club of Short Hills)

Lynn and Paul Ivans (Fairmount Country Club) 

Jeff Morneau (Long Meadow, Ma) and Annie O'Conner

John Milbank (Morris County and Easton Thomas (Trump Bedminster)

Steve Caccam (Fiddlers Elbow) and Bao Nguyen (Trump Bedminster)

Amin Khadduri  (Apta Ceo) and DJ Goetz (Westchester Country Club)

Nathan Lefevre (Bronxville) and Nick Bergman (Siwanoy)

Ana Zubori (Country Club of New Canaan) and Liz Cruz (The Patterson Club) 

Mathais Degardin (The Patterson Club) and Lisa Rudloff (Huntington Country Club

Aman Singh (Milbrook) and Flor Hanisch(Westchester Country Club) 

Martin Bostrom  (Plainfield Country Club) and Blake Anderson (Fairmount Country Club)

Mikk Irdoja (Montclair Golf Club and Sven Burus (Essex Fells Country Club)

Patty mcdonald (Canoe Brook) and Abigail Burke (Upper Ridgewood)

Paul Wishnoff  (Upper Ridgewood) and Sandy Andrick (Brookside Tennis and Swim Club)

Harry Walsh (Short Hills Club) and Martha Sayre (Beacon Hill) 

Pam Randazzo ( Canoe Brook) and Haleh Shafaie (Beacon Hill)

Carter Massengill (Canoe Brook) and  Ari Ash (Fells Brook)

Tiernan Cavanna ( APTA President) and George Bell (Echo Lake)

Adriano Schiavo (Roxiticus) and Kerry Basio (Brookside) 

David Feher (North Jersey Country Club) and Englewood Field Club

Patrick Kelly (Essex Hunt Club) Rob Schenone (Morris County Golf Club)

Alex MacDonald (Beacon Hill Club) and Katie (Short Hills Club)

Mike Stulac (Short Hills Club) and Demian Johnston ( APTA Board Member) 

We are Forever grateful, 

Patty Hogan, Greg Morgan, Drew Broderick, Jill Feher and Dave Broderick