2021 Jr Nationals Winners/Finalists

 2021 Junior Nationals 
Winners and Finalists 

Congratulations to the 374 kids who played in the Junior Nationals this year  and to the champions and finalists!!! 


Girls 10’s

Winners:  Emma Nichols and Jaden Sutter  

Finalists : Julia Treadway and Merritt Sheffield

Umpire: Ana Zubori

Boys 10’s 
Winners:  Joaquin Urritia and Wyatt Melnikoff 
Finalists: Oliver Harris and Hayden Harris

Joaquin and Wyatt

                                                  The Harris Brothers

Girls 12’s 
Winners: Finley Redpath and Audrey Abernathy
Finalists: Agatha Greenberg and Olivia Davis

Findley and Audrey

                                                          Agatha and Olivia

Boy’s 12’s 
Winners: Boden Rudloff and Rex O’Connor
Finalists: Luke Cusack and Rafa Pawar

  Boden, Rex, Umpire Mike Stulac, Rafa and Luke

Girls 15's
Winners: Allie Stanislawczyk and Emma Stanislawczyk
Finalists: Ava Cusack and Kelly Troczynski

Charlotte Sikora, Allie and Emma, Kelly, Ava, Laurie Hissey & Mike Stulac

Boy’s 15’s 
Winners: Cooper Friday and Mason Friday
Finalists:   Omar Rhazali and Luke Levanat

                                       Omar, Luke, Cooper and Mason

Girls 18’s
Winners: Grace Coale and Madeleine Wilson
Finalists: Leah Walter and Morgan Santaguida

                 Left to right:  Leah, Morgan, Grace and Madeleine

Boys 18’s 
Winners: George Bancroft and Connor Zaminski
Finalists: Joe Delaney and Josh Frumin