APTA Viking Jr Tour Mid Season Rankings 2017-2018

Boys 10 Points (Best 2) Girls 10 Points (Best 2)
1 Cole Frumin- Leo Dilascia 20 1 Elsa Holleran- Sophia Calvetti 10
2 Henry Vail- Danny Kelty 16
3 Max Cooper- Tyler Amoss 12
4 Finnegan Leary- Charlie Hartnett 10
5 Ryan Hart- Alex Fischer 9
Boys 12 Girls 12
1 Sophie Walter- Holly Cameron 23
1 Bennett Cramer- Beck Miller 22 2 Kylie Kochis- Jacqueline Santaguida 20
2 (tie) Shea Coughlin- Jack Lobosco 20 3 Emma Stanislawczyk- Allie Stanislawczyk 16
2 (tie) Connor Kenny- Harrison Brown 20 4 Hilary Knipe- Milana Amoss 12
2 (tie) Chase Minter- Colby Weaver 20 5 Avery Williamson- Kyle Craig 10
5 (tie) Michael Lorenzetti- Tyler Ramirez 16
5 (tie) Jason Jones- Matthew Goodman 16
Boys 15 Girls 15
1 Connor Zaminski- George Bancroft 28 1 Leah Walter- Morgan Santaguida 21
2 (tie) Michael Miller- Griffin Cramer 24 2 Caroline Schumacher-Faith Ilgner 16
2 (tie) Ethan Fabro- Kyle Barry 24 3 (tie) Grace Coale- Madeline Wilson 12
4 (tie) Brendan McDonald- Peter Cornforth 20 3 (tie) Hannah Tuckett- Chloe Hascar 12
4 (tie) Robbie Cruikshank- Michael Miller 20 3 (tie) Piper Evans- Addie Atwood 12
 4 (tie) Samuel Sharp- Tyler Holman 20
Boys 18 Girls 18
1 Jake Karetsky- Christrian Lizardi 32 1 Heather Ivans-Stephanie Maluso 22
2 Michael Karr- Tyler Cramer 26 2 Neha Mukherjee- Sam Macrides 20
3 Alex McDonald- Martin Alexander 12 3 Elisa Wilks-Bailey Santaguida 12
4 (tie) Nolan Hayes- Max Saunders 10 4 Emma Estes-Natalia Morato 7
4 (tie) Cooper Evans- Tom Gorden 10 5 Tatum Evans-Claire Sobolewski 6

Viking Tour Info--

The Junior game is growing with 6 Brand New Events on this year's schedule.  

The Tour kicks off on November 11th with The Patterson Jr Event, run by Scott Slobin out of The Patterson Club.  

Indian Trail Club Jrs in Franklin Lakes is next on the calendar on  Nov 19th run by Mike Gillespie.  

Also in November  will be  a brand new Tour Event in OHIO, thanks to Tyler Fraser and Four Bridges Country Club in Liberty Township, Ohio.  

December 2nd is the date for a brand new Tour Event in the Boston area thanks to Evan Ambrose out of Dedham Country Club in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The following weekend, December 9th  is another brand new Tour Stop in Bronxville, NY thanks to Nathan LeFevre  out of Bronxville Field Club and Mark Parsons out of Siwanoy Country Club. 

The same weekend on Sunday, December 10th, the Philly Jr Open run by Laurie Hissey out of Radley Run Country Club takes place.

We take a break briefly over the holidays and resume play on January 14th at another brand new Tour stop with Lisa Rudloff running the Long Island Jrs out of Huntington Country Club.

Next up will be another new Tour stop, The NJ Shore Juniors , thanks to Victor Vidal, out of navesink Country Club in Middletown, NJ. 

 On February 4th the Tour returns to the Philly/Delaware area with the Paddle Battle of Brandywine, hosted out of Radley Run Country Club by Charlotte Sikora.  Also on Feb 4th, is another Connecticut Event, this time in New Canaan called the Ct. Juniors run by Brad Easterbrook.  

Feb 10th is another brand new event on the Tour with an event in the Pittsburgh area hosted by Scott Kahler and Kelly Fisher out of Fox Chapel Country Club.

The final stop on the Viking Jr Tour is The Junior Nationals, hosted by Patty Hogan, Dave Broderick and Drew Broderick out of The Short Hills Club, Canoe Brook and many other NJ Clubs in the Summit, Short Hills, Morristown area.

The complete calendar with sign up info is posted on the Junior Page of the APTA website at www.platformtennis.org.

All participants in Tour Events must be APTA Members.  All players earn national Ranking Points for all matches played!