Ranking Rules for 2017-2018

 The APTA JUNIOR  Rankings are based on a team’s top two finishes on the The APTA Viking Junior Tour.   

We will award 10 bonus points at the end of the Junior Tour to any team who plays in two Tour events other then The Junior Nationals.  

The point system for all Viking Tour Events for the 2017-2018 season is as follows: 

Points awarded are based on total number of teams who played an event. 

If a ranking event has 5 teams or more, the following points will be awarded:

  Winners            20 points
   Finalists            16 points
   Semi Finalist    12 points
   5th Place           10 points
   6th Place            9 points
  7th & 8th           8  points
   9th Place            7 points
   10th Place          6 points
   11/12                 5 points
   13-16                 4 points
   17-32                 2 points

If a ranking event has 4 teams, points will be awarded as follows: 

Winners            12 points
Finalists           10 points
Third Place         7 points
Fourth Place        5 points

If a ranking event has 1, 2 or 3 teams entered, ranking points will be awarded as follows:

Winners                10 points
Finalist                7 points
Third Place          5 points

If there are only two boys or two girls teams signed up for a ranking event, the tournament director will have those two teams play each other for 1st and 2nd place points.  The tournament director will also have those teams or team play into the most appropriate of the other divisions being played.      

Ranking points earned by that team will  be for the age group they signed up for. For example, if a team signed up for U15's Girls but were bumped up to play U 18's, that team would bring all their points earned back to their U 15's age group. 

If one or two girls teams end up playing in a boys event, their points earned will be the higher point value of either the event entered or the event played. 

APTA Junior Nationals Points:

  Winners            40 points
   Finalists           32 points 
   Semi Finalists   24 points
   5th Place          20 points
   6th Place           18 points
    7th & 8th          16  points
    9th Place           14 points
    10th Place          12 points
    11/12                 10 points
    13-16                 8 points
    17-32                 4 points

APTA Year End Doubles Rankings will be based on a team's best two results. 

APTA is introducing  Singles Events this season for both Level 1 and Level 2 Players.  Players will get two serves and up to two bounces and keep score like Ping Pong with games to 11 or 21. 

Want to add a Viking Tour Event in your area but not sure if you have enough kids who will play?  Start with a "Singles Viking Challenger Event"  and it will grow!  

Already have lots of junior players in your area? 
Great, email pattyhogan8@gmail.com to find a site in your area for an event!  

  We are hoping to add Stand Alone Singles events anywhere around the country where there are Kids Playing Paddle.