APTA Junior Pros

We would like to acknowledge the following "Super Pros"  who have stepped up and are taking a leadership role for Junior Paddle by hosting events or helping area pros with their events! 

Congratulations to Blake Anderson of the Short Hills Club and Greg Morgan of the Glen Ridge Country Club, both in New Jersey. They have been named co-chairs of the APTA Junior Rankings to replace Patty Hogan and Dave Broderick. Anderson and Morgan will keep junior ranking points throughout the season and will post mid-season and year-end rankings for all Viking Junior Tour players.  

Scott Slobin, The Patterson Club, 
Apta Junior Committee, 
Director of the Jr Patterson Open 

Annie O'Shea, Waynesborough Country Club, Paoli, PA,  
APTA Junior Committee, High School Paddle Coordinator, 

Lisa Rudloff, Huntington Country Club, Long Island, NY
Director of Long Island Jr. Viking Tour Event

Mike Gillespie,  Indian Trail Club, 
Co- Chair of The Junior Nationals, Chair of Indian Trail Ranking Event, Chair of "Challengers" event, Chair of  Pop Up Paddle  Event, Junior Ranking Committee Member and  a member of The APTA Hall of Fame! 

 Laurie Hissey, Radley Run, APTA Juniors Committee Member, Juniors Ranking Committee Member,  Director of Philly Jrs Viking Tour Event

Liz Cruz,  Brooklyn Country Club, Fairfield, CT 
APTAJunior Committee, Director of 2 Level 2 Challenger Events

Dave Broderick, Short Hills Club, 
Jr. Nationals Co Chair, Apta Juniors Committee

Brad Easterbrook,  PPTA President, 
Director of New England Open Junior Ranking Event, 
APTA Juniors Committee Member

Drew BroderickCanoe Brook Country Club, 
Junior Nationals Pro Am Coordinator

Patty Hogan,   Northern Lake George Paddle,
Junior Nationals Co-Chair,  Juniors Co-ordinator for APTA.

Victor Vidal, Navesink Country Club, Middletown, NJ 
Director of the Jersey Shore  Viking Tour Event 

John Milbank, Morris County Golf Club, 
High School Paddle Co ordinator in Morristown Area, NJ



Junior APTA Pros Giving Back at the 2016 Junior Nationals Pro AM! 




Philadelphia Super Pros:

 Sherrie Burleigh, Northern Lake George Paddle

Patty Hogan,  Northern Lake George Paddle,

Chicago Super Pros:

Adam and Allison Morgan

Marina Ohlmuller

Denise Murphy 

Cleveland Super Pros: Dave Bebout  

Cincinnati Super Pros:  

Thaddeus Reed,
Heather Prop, Hyde Park Golf and Country Club

California Super Pro : Mark Innes

Chevy Chase, MD.  Gustavo Goncalves, Chevy Chase Country Club

The Villages, Joe Russo:




You will have fun!
You are helping to "Grow the Game".
You are enhancing your club by offering Junior Paddle programs

You might be lucky enough to coach a National Champion.