Fun Formats for Kids

Check out some of the different formats available to make paddle fun for beginner kids of all ages!!!

Playing other games the kids are familiar with is a great way to work on skills needed for paddle for beginners.  This group pictured below worked together to keep a beach ball in the air a certain number of times:  they had to communicate, co-operate and ponder trajectory and timing but all they really thought about was how many shots it was going to take  to beat the other team.  Make it fun, use your imagination and the kids will have fun learning and WANT TO PLAY AGAIN!


2)  "JUST 4 GIRLS"
Host a small round robin "Just for Girls".  
No advance signups needed.  Just get some tennis playing girls to bring out their non tennis playing friends and get them started!    
 A"Just 4 Girls" event was held in @Northern Lake George Paddle last winter when it was below zero!!!!  
The girls had fun and came back the next week thanks to some enthusiastic parents!   

Is this a Future Paddle Player? 
You gotta Believe! 

3) ** Evening with The Stars**  
Laurie Hissey , PPTA Professional at Radley Run in the Philadelphia area  holds an annual event called "Evening with the Stars".  Laurie recruits high level players and pros to play with the kids and to offer some tips.  This event is a combination of Skills and Drills and a Pro Am, depending on the numbers of players, ages and ability levels.



4)  OK to BE SQUARE & Play Box Paddle"
Hitting against the square  is an ideal way to get kids plenty of practice shots, will let pros work on technique with up to 8 kids on a court, and to immediately push the better ones by assigning them to smaller boxes as their target areas.
 Start kids out by having them hit short forehands and short backhands into the box.  Two bounces is ok!!

Progress it to playing mini games including serves!  Squares can be made from ribbon or duct tape or painter's tape. 

This is a great practice technique solo, with a friend or even with your Grandfather! 


5) "Chalk it Up for Kids" 
Get out those big sticks of sidewalk chalk and mark spots on the courts for kids to serve and return from or even where to stand when their partner is serving.  Quick little directions like "Serve Here" go a long to speeding up the pace of play and making it more fun! 


6) "Think Outside The Courts"
Got some kids hanging around and the courts are full???  
Have them practice their serves from outside the court!  
This is a fun and easy way to practice serving on a diagonal.  Mark a line in the grass and progress it to a contest.  This is also a fun warmup activity for kids .


7) "Pro Ams"
Got some talented kids who need to be pushed???   

Get some high level adults who "Get It"with Kids and pair them up so the kids can see the consistency, the strategies and the focus needed to improve.

                      2015 Junior National Pro Am                                   

8) "Paddle and Pizza Under the Lights"
Fun option for teenagers on a weekend night or a late Friday afternoon. Mix it with Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles!  Parents will be thrilled to have kids playing paddle and socializing.  A "No Texting" Rule during play is highly recommended and actually well received by parents and juniors!!!! 

9) "Singles Ladder"
Start a junior singles ladder at your club with a designated time each week where the kids play singles matches against other kids near them on the ladder.  

Boys and girls playing against each other works great in singles even if it is against a sibling!!! 

10)  "Parent Child" Round Robins 

Paddle is a great family sport and getting some friends together with their kids for informal play or for competitive round robin play is a great way to improve a junior player's level and understanding of the game and the etiquette.