High School Programs

High School Paddle Leagues are gaining momentum!   Got some high school kids playing? Contact the Apta to get help in setting up matches for all levels of players as part of the New Apta High School Leagues.  All Levels from beginner to advanced players welcome! 

Apta Mid Atlantic Paddle League , Co ordinated by Annie O’Shea and Patty Hogan with High Schools in Pa and NJ.

Midwestern High School Paddle League, Co ordinated by Hallie Bodman in Chicago 

Contact Hallie at: ahkbod@aol.com to get involved in Illinois.
Contact Annie O’Shea from Waynesborough Country Club at annoshea66@yahoo.com to get involved in the Philadelphia area.
Contact Pattyhogan8@gmail.com for NJ Play!

Philadelphia High School Paddle

Chatham High School, NJ 
  Paddle Team