APTA Level 2 Challenger Events

Challenger Events are low cost Junior Events that are a great way to introduce kids to playing paddle in a slightly competitive environment. 

 Focus is on fun and grasping the basics and not on a player's order of finish.  Kids sign up as a single and might play against boys, girls and possibly kids of different ages.  

Round robin matches will feature both singles and doubles Play.  Events typically last around an hour for U 10's and an hour and a half to 2 hours for U12's and up.  

Pros running Challenger Events will offer up some tips to all the kids before the start of play and after and during play if possible!  

Go to www.platformtennis.org to see if there is a Challenger Event in your area!  If not, why not get one going soon?  Email pattyhogan8@gmail.com to figure out how to set up a Challenger Event in your area! 

Check out this "Challenger" Event held in Cleveland, 2016,  in the summer!!
 ..............Yup, Summer Play for Kids! 

Just Plan It!                Kids will Play!!