As part of the APTA’s effort to attract kids to the game, the organization is sponsoring a brand new initiative so young players can have lots of fun on the paddle court while learning the sport’s fundamentals.  Junior Play Dates are a great opportunity for kids to learn the basics of the game in a social, relaxed yet instructional setting.

These Play Dates, free events for new or slightly experienced players, are designed to introduce the game to kids in a fun, noncompetitive environment.  Teaching professionals will set up drills designed specifically to teach the basic positioning and shots essential to paddle.   

Events and and contact info: 

September 23-Atlanta, anton.mavrin@gmail.com

October 23-Cincinatti Country Club, treed@cincinatticountryclub.com or Heather Prop at hhsquard2@aol.com

October 15-Edgeworth Club, Kelly Fischer, Fischer.kelly@comcast.net

October 23-Huntington Country Club, Lisa Rudloff, racquets@hccli.org

October 23-Hackensack Golf Club, Lauren Gebbia at lcash25@gmail.com

October 24, Bronxville Field Club, Nathan Lefevre nlefevre@bfcoffice.com

November-Chevy Chase Country Club, Gustavo Goncalves at gugapaddle@gmail.com

November or December -Lagunitas Club, Ross, CA , Mark Innes at markinnes@lagunitascc.com

Cincinnati Play Date. Thanks Heather Prop!

Hackensack Golf Club Kids Play Date. Thanks Lauren Gebbia! 
Long Island/ Huntington Country Club Kids Play Date. Thanks Lisa Rudloff!