APTA "First Serve" Initiative

As part of the APTA’s "1st Serve Initiative"   to grow the game, the organization is sponsoring a variety of events so that young players can learn the basics of paddle and have lots of fun learning the sport’s fundamentals. 

Junior Play Dates are APTA sponsored events that provide an opportunity for kids to learn the basics of the game in a social, relaxed yet instructional setting.

These Play Dates, free events for new or slightly experienced players, are designed to introduce the game to kids in a fun, noncompetitive environment.  Teaching professionals will set up drills and skills courts  specifically designed  to teach young kids the basics of paddle.  

Cincinnati Play Date. Thanks Heather Prop!

Hackensack Golf Club Kids Play Date. Thanks Lauren Gebbia! 
Long Island/ Huntington Country Club Kids Play Date. Thanks Lisa Rudloff!