2018 Junior Nationals Champions and Finalists

Boys 10's
Winners:  Leo DiLascia and Cole Frumin
Finalists:  Garret Feher and Henry Collins

Pictured with Umpire, Brian Anderson,
Trump Bedminster Racquets' Pro

Boys 12's

Winners:  Cooper Friday and Mason Friday
Finalists: Charlie Landers and Cameron Ward

Pictured with Umpire Scott Rosenbaum,
Montclair Golf Club Teaching Pr

Boys 15's
Winners:   Joseph Delaney and Josh Frumin
Finalists:  Peter Cornforth and Brendan McDonald

Picture with Umpire Mike Stulac and 
Jr Nationals Co Chair Greg Morgan

Boys 18s
Winner Jake Karetsky and Christian Lizardi
Finalists:  Tyler Cramer and Michael Karr

Pictured with Umpire Mark Bliss and Short Hills Racquets Director 
and Jr Nationals Co Chair, David Broderick

Girls 12
Winners:  Kylie Kochis and Jacklyn Santaguida
Finalists:  Sophie Walters and Holly Cameron

Girls 15s
Winners:  Madeleine Wilson and Grace Coale
Finalists: Leah Walter and Morgan Santaguida

Girls 18s
Winners: Megan Murphy and Kelly Van Hoesen
Finalists: Heather Ivans and Stephanie Maluso