PADDLE...THE SPORT that can last a LIFETIME!

APTA Kicks off The 2017-2018 Junior Season with 
 APTA Sponsored Junior Play Dates, Viking Tour, Viking Challengers and even Singles PLAY! 

As part of the APTA’s effort to attract kids to the game, the APTA is sponsoring a second year of Junior Kids Kickoff Events to introduce paddle in a way  to be sure young players can have lots of fun immediately on the paddle court while learning the sport’s fundamentals.  Junior Play Dates gives kids a great opportunity  to learn the basics of the game in a social, relaxed yet instructional setting and are FREE thanks to THE APTA!

Another APTA Junior offering this year will be  Singles Events! 

For Singles Play, we've changed the rules, the scoring and the ball so that new junior players can have instant success, stay warm, be safer and have fun!!!   Singles scoring will be the same as Ping Pong with games to 11 or 21 but kids get 2 serves and 2 bounces on screen shots if needed.   Younger kids can play with the Viking Training Ball or a low bounce tennis ball in what we call Viking Challenger Level 2 Events. No Ranking Points awarded.  Older kids and more experienced players will use the regular Viking Ball to compete in Level 1 Viking Tour Singles Events. An end of the year Singles Ranking will be published assuming we can get most regions around the country hosting an event. 

The Junior game is growing fast thanks to the many Level 2  Events called  "Viking Challengers" on our APTA Junior Schedule.  Viking Challenger events   can be doubles or singles events or a combination of both with players signing up as a single.   The type of ball used will vary depending on the age and ability level of the participants. Formats vary depending on ages and abilities but fun will be had by all!   Junior Players can develop their games in a more relaxed environment playing Viking Challenger Events before making the leap into Viking Tour Events. 

2017-2018 will be first year where Singles events will be offered as part of the Viking Jr Tour.  In areas where there might not be enough teams to hold a doubles event, Singles events will be played and National Ranking Points Awarded.  

The highlight of the APTA Junior offerings in the return of  the APTA Viking Junior Tour!  We have added 6 brand new Tour Stops of the 2017-2018 season to go along with many well established Junior Tour stops.  The Tour starts in early November and concludes with  The Junior Nationals on February 24th.   

All teams playing on the Viking Junior Tour  earn Ranking Points though out the season, with a team's top two results determining a Year End NATIONAL RANKING!  The Apta will also keep Singles Points Earned this year so all Juniors can get a year end   Singles Ranking.  Highly experienced teaching Pros around the country all agree that Juniors playing Singles are able to develop their game at least 5 times as fast as those playing Doubles only.  

The APTA now has many  fun formats to keep kids playing the sport that could last a lifetime!
Contact the APTA to get ideas on how to more juniors playing in your area!