APTA Junior Paddle

The APTA offers 3 levels of play for juniors, ages 6-18.  

Level 1- Viking Jr. Tour
Level 2- Challenger Events
Level 3- Skills & Drills and POP UP PADDLE

Level 1 events go by official APTA Rules for play with approved formats and are called The Viking Jr Tour, thanks to sponsorship from Viking Athletics.
Viking APTA Junior Tour

Age Groups are U 10's Mixed, U 12's Boys and Girls, U15's Boys and Girls and U 18's Boys and Girls. 

 All players earn National Ranking Points towards a year ending Jr National Ranking. A team's top 2 results determine year ending ranking.  Junior Rankings are posted on the Junior Page of the Apta's website on www.platformtennis.org.

Viking Jr Tour Events are run by teaching professionals who give back to the game.

These pros use APTA approved formats to provide kids and their parents a positive environment for competition.

Thanks to Liz Cruz, Scott Slobin, Dave Broderick, Laurie Hissey, Charlotte Sikora, Victor Vidal,Lisa Rudloff, Nathan LeFevre, Mark Parsons for their ongoing efforts to grow the game for Kids by hosting Viking Jr. Tour Events!

The APTA couldn't do this without the Pros!!!! 

Brad Easterbrook, Director of the Ct. Jr.Viking Tour Event each February 
The 2018-2019 APTA Viking Jr Tour schedule on APTA website at

Level 2 Challenger Events
 Doubles or Singles!

Level 2 Events are a great way to get Kids Playing Paddle in a mildly competitive format.

  Level 2 Events are typically "Round Robins" so that kids switch around and play with different partners.

Instruction from Pros on positioning and shot selection is part of the deal to make it fun and informative. 

Level 2 events are played with the Regular Viking Ball or they can be played with the lightweight and bigger, Viking Training Ball.  These events are the ideal way to introduce your son or daughter to competitive play where they are guaranteed to have fun and they will instantly improve! Ages 8 and up!

Level 3 Events
 KID Play Dates and POP UP Paddle

Kid Play Dates are an hour or so of Skills and Drills for Kids that are fun and make learning Paddle easy!  

Pros introduce younger kids to the game using the training ball or even tennis balls.  It slows the game down and is safe for kids as young as 5 years old! 


Contact the APTA to get ideas on how to more juniors playing in your area! 

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